Spring 2017: Light in the Dark

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Light in the Dark: Art as a Sane Voice in an Insane World
From the Editors
Light in the Dark: Art as a Sane Voice in an Insane World
What are your symptoms: sleeplessness, anxiety, panic attacks, vague sense of fear, very specific fears, loss of appetite, uncontrollable sobbing, uncontrollable laughter? (click to read more…)
Visual Essay: Matt Blackwell
As the presidential election ended I was encouraged by several recent exhibitions…
Visual Essay: Dan Mills
Finding a moment of light within the darkness of poor human behavior is the role of the art of political satire…
Visual Essay: Vivien Russe
The word Ubuntu, meaning “I am myself because of who we all are”, is a call and a reminder that we, as individuals, are connected to all people, especially in an increasingly globalized world…
Our Saudi Moment 
By Daniel Kany
I was invited to join a group of 20 “culture influencers” on a week-long art tour through the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in February...
Hell’s Gate Illuminated: A Tribute to Paul Oberst
By Kathy Weinberg

When people talk about tragic events they often start with where they were and what they were doing as if by introducing the mundane back-story one could perform some crude magic and reverse the outcome.
Nasty Maine Women Artists
By Edgar Allen Beem
Six artists explain the impact of politics on their art
Philip Guston’s Hysterical Laughter
By Jeffrey Ackerman
“To paint, to write, to teach in the most dedicated and sincere way is the most intimate affirmation of creative life we possess in these despairing years.” — Philip Guston
Poetry Feature: Betsy Sholl

a squirrel flicking its tail,
Poetry Feature: Gibson Fay-LeBlanc

A Preponderance of Evidence

Feature: Todd Watts: Blanchard Weather Report
Feature: Maine Artists Anonymous in Brooklyn
Eight Maine artists have made six paintings about immigration issues that are now hanging in public spaces in Brooklyn,
Feature: Natasha Mayers: A Personal Collection of Post-Election Images
In the spirit of the Spring Journal’s theme (Light in the Dark: Art as a Sane Voice in an Insane World), I present the viewer with this personal collection of images assembled since the election.
Feature: Insight/Incite: Mark Melnicove: Falmouth High School
I feel as if I have always been teaching in dark times, no matter who has been in power in Washington, Moscow, or other capitals of the world.
UMVA Member Submissions, Light in the Dark: Art As a Sane Voice in an Insane World
Union of Maine Artists members respond to the Spring 2017 theme
UMVA: Feature: Ava Moss-Civello: The UMVA’s littlest benefactor!
When faced with the prospect of doing a “citizen of the week” project for school, Ava Moss-Civello, daughter of the art dealer Elizabeth Moss, chose — completely on her own — to raise money for the Union of Maine Visual Artists.
UMVA: Light in the Dark Exhibit at CTN Gallery, April 7 – 29
Opening: Friday, April 7 during First Friday Art Walk. 
UMVA: ARRT! Update: Spring 2017
This quarter ARRTists could be found outside the studio working in communities in a variety of ways in addition to the banner making collaborations they have become known for.
UMVA: Suzanna Lasker, ARRTist
Suzanna Lasker, prolific designer member of ARRT! also creates digital images for progressive and political groups.
UMVA Update, Maine Masters
Ashley Bryan’s response to war and racism was to shine a light upon those evils and create beauty and joy, awe and wonder.
UMVA Update, L/A Chapter Report
UMVA-Lewiston/Auburn Chapter had a wonderful event this past February 18th.  “For the Love of Art”…