Light in the Dark: Art As a Sane Voice in an Insane World

April 7- 29, 2017

Opening: Friday, April 7 during First Friday Art Walk. 

Many of us have been shocked, saddened, numbed and confused by the 2016 election and the unprecedented events that have followed in the country.  This group exhibition sponsored by the Maine Arts Journal and the Union of Maine Visual Artists features visual statements from artists responding to these strange times, whether it be through creating poetic visions of enlightenment or visual challenges to incite action or resistance.  Featured artists present, interpret, and react to the current state of the nation through a variety of media and subject matter.  In work that ranges from symbolic to satirical, these artists seek to give voice to what they and others are feeling in this divisive and dark moment. Though many do not find a bright spot at the end of the tunnel, they use their work to shine a light on what is happening and bring clarity to the chaos.  The exhibition was curated by Rachel McDonald, Gallery Director of PhoPa Gallery &  Maine Media Workshops and features painting, photography, and mixed media works by artists including Frankie Ahrens, Brendan Bullock, Matt Blackwell, Michael Branca, Crystal Cawley, Anita Clearfield, Kenny Cole, Jeannie Hutchins, Scott Minzy, Natasha Mayers, and Vivien Russe.

Kenny Cole, Salute, collage

Natasha Mayers, Mountain, acrylic, 2017,44×40

Brendan Bullock,,Police Officer, DNC, Philadelphia

Franklin Ahrens, mixed media on panel

Jeannie Hutchins, I Dream of Earth and Sky, photograph