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Eight Maine artists have made six paintings about immigration issues that are now hanging in public spaces in Brooklyn, in the six foot tall commercial advertisement boxes on the sides of bus shelters. They were excited by the opportunity to reach a wide and diverse audience about an issue especially pressing to New Yorkers. It is part of an artist/activist project inspired by Jordan Seiler’s PublicAdCampaign which creates new avenues for public dialogues in our shared public spaces. His project intends to incite participation and question outdoor advertising. .
This installation is part of a global call to action by Subvertisers International, a network of anti-advertising activists, for NYC#SubvertTheCity. Their purpose is to collectively reimagine what our cities and societies could be, taking creativity into the streets to support the struggle for social, economic and climate justice, as well as for human rights and dignity for all.
PublicAdCampaign and the PublicAccess project

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