Ava Moss-Civello during her fundraising efforts.

When faced with the prospect of doing a “citizen of the week” project for school, Ava Moss-Civello, daughter of the art dealer Elizabeth Moss, chose — completely on her own — to raise money for the Union of Maine Visual Artists.

Ava made a sign and solicited donations during an exhibition opening at her mother’s gallery in Falmouth. The industrious Ava was successful, raising more than $100 while increasing the membership of the UMVA.

Gallery artists have been published in the Maine Arts Journal, including Craig Becker, whose work was featured on the cover of the Spring 2016 “Neurotica” issue of the MAJ.


When asked about how she came with the idea of working to support the UMVA, Ms. Moss-Civello explained, “I was trying to be a good citizen, so I thought of raising money for a good cause. Choosing the UMVA was my own idea. Lots of people were very supportive of what I was doing.”

“The arts support my family,” she continued. “My family supports me. So this is giving back.”