In the spirit of the Spring Journal’s theme (Light in the Dark: Art as a Sane Voice in an Insane World), I present the viewer with this personal collection of images assembled since the election. Since we need the relief of laughter amid the daily dose of shock, they tend toward the hilarious, but they shine some light of truth on these times.           Natasha Mayers

Women’s March DC

Trump signs

Spam Trump
LeontiosTheron/Reddit via Imgur

Brooklyn ad box


Hank Brusselback, Fascism comes wafting

Fallopian I am upset!
Women’s March NYC

Trump tornado

Mars, Ozge-Samanci

Washington Monument, from Resist! at Women’s March,DC

It’s raining, from Resist! at Women’s March,DC

Women’s March, Augusta, David with Trump

Women’s March,Portland

Women’s March, NYC

Women’s March, NYC, Grope