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The Maine Arts Journal: UMVA Quarterly

Beyond Plein Air:

The Landscape—Real/Recreated/Reassembled/Imagined

Summer 2022


In this issue the editors asked artists and writers to explore the process with which a real landscape is transformed—observable external reality being only a starting point but not the end product. We invited contributors to reflect on the tension between real and imagined landscapes, between the visible outside world and the inner world and to consider how the two might meet and inform each other.

From the Editors: Natasha Mayers, Nora Tryon, Véronique Plesch,  Betsy Sholl (poetry editor), with the help of Colby interns Audrey Loo, Mads McDonough, and Caroline Scarola.

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Maine Arts Journal Summer 2022 cover (Neil Welliver, Skeletons Party, c. 1950s–early 1960s). Neil Welliver: Chrysalis (1954–1964) at Dowling Walsh Gallery, Rockland, Maine, All photos courtesy of the Dowling Walsh Gallery, All Welliver images copyright the Estate of Neil Welliver.