Maine Arts Journal Summer 2020 archive page

Art in the Time of Pandemic and Quarantine

Welcome to the summer journal.

This issue contains an impressive range of images and words many of you (85+) have shared, reflections of your lives in quarantine during the global pandemic.

Your massive response shows that you are creating visual expressions of what is sometimes unspeakable and often unbearable, seeking answers to what is happening, affirming your sense of self and social responsibility. You are speaking truth, being vulnerable, expressing your fears, loneliness, uncertainties, but also joy and healing.

In these exceptional times of pandemic, unemployment, protests against police brutality, and much more, we are witnessing a chapter of history being written every day. We need to maintain our unique visions despite the uncertainties of the present and future. The role of art right now is to be honest, to ask questions and reexamine assumptions.

Natasha Mayers, Nora Tryon, Kathy Weinberg, Veronique Plesch, and Betsy Sholl