Getty 0, Martha Miller, My Blank Canvas.

In mid March, MECA closed its doors due to COVID-19. With no in-person teaching schedule to attend to, I decided to treat the quarantine like an artist residency. 

The Getty Museum Challenge inspired a new body of work which I titled Quarantine Characters. The work consists of performance photographs as well as spin-off videos of the characters performing songs and dances. In the middle of my project, I was gifted a Solar Return reading by Facebook friend and former MECA professor, Alfred DePew. 

A Solar Return reading is like a map that reveals specific themes for the year ahead. Alfred pointed out that the characters I was creating are powerful inner figures representing aspects of self, people in my life, perhaps even figures from past lives. He said that this was a time of profound healing for me and that one of my themes for this year is to make public the hidden and the private. This reading helped me realize what I was doing on a deeper level. 


Getty1: Frida Kahlo, Self Portrait as a Tehuana.

I have always loved creating portraits with charcoal, pastels, and paints, and I have always loved portraits in art history. This quarantine residency allowed me the time and space to combine both loves, as well as to explore the realms of performance, costume, music and dance—passions that have lain dormant inside me like dark bulbs, but were now, in this time alone, sending up urgent shoots in the spring light. 


Getty2: Max Beckmann, The Old Actress.