Introducing ARRT!’s Yard Signs That Make a Statement!

The U.S. COVID-19 death toll is above 100,000. Over 30 million have lost their jobs. The post-COVID world that emerges from this catastrophe must not simply be a return to business as usual.

Lincoln County Indivisible has partnered with the Artists Rapid Response Team (ARRT!) to create compelling yard signs that address core issues of the day. These are gorgeous original works of art which we intend to mass-produce and sprinkle over Lincoln County and further afield between now and November. This requires financial support. Please contribute at

In these times of physical distancing and sheltering at home let’s proclaim our support for fundamental change in the post-COVID world. We will share these signs widely within and beyond Maine.

These signs won’t fix the world, we know. But together we can work on sending a message and making our corner of it better and healthier for everyone. Put one or more signs in your yard. Make a statement about the world that needs to emerge as we move beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lincoln County Indivisible has selected six of the 40+ designs for the initial print run of one hundred 24″ x 18″ yard signs.  We need yards in which to erect them. How about yours?

(The yard signs that are available are: Fix the cracks, vote like your life depends on it, healthcare is at the heart, billions or billionaires, house on fire, rebuild the economy to halt climate change, and cooperation not conflict. The three horizontal ones are single-sided; with mounting hardware we are suggesting a donation (to the GoFundMe or direct to LCI) of $5-$10. The two vertical ones are double-sided; with mounting
hardware we are suggesting a donation of $10-$15. Shipping is extra. Proceeds will be used to print a wider range of designs. The GoFundMe is at Signs can be picked up at 47 Main Street, Newcastle.)   Ph: 207 563 2184 and email


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Banner for Lincoln County Indivisible.


ARRT! The Artists Rapid Response Team (ARRT!) is a project of the Union of Maine Visual Artists. The ARRTists are members of the UMVA who collaborate with progressive organizations throughout Maine to create “visual soundbites,” frequently in the form of banners, to be used to draw attention to important issues. ARRT! is grateful for the support of the UMVA and the Broad Reach Fund of the Maine Community Foundation.

Unable to meet as a large group because of the pandemic, ARRTists have worked singly and in small groups to create the yard signs and banner pictured above.