Winter 2018 MAJ

From the Editors—InnerVisions

Wishing all of our readers a good start to this New Year

Alison Hildreth—Wisdom In the Darkness

As winter sets in and the days grow darker I am reminded of the time in ancient Greece when caves symbolized the entrance to the classical underworld.

Vic Goldsmith Finds the Rhythm

The theme of this issue of The Maine Arts Journal, InnerVisions, has presented me with a quandary of sorts.

Ethan Hayes-Chute — Leave the Seams

When in the studio, and when not, it’s a constant, continuous cavalcade of mixing and mining the ins and outs;

Diane Giardi

The loss of a beloved grandmother, father and then my young husband of 38, brought my art to its’ focus on spirit

Dr. Nancy Coyne—Bones

At 39 a friend introduced me to Munch’s work.  I had been an artist for 20 plus years.  That day I woke up.

Al Crichton—Leonardo’s Mysterious Stains

 As an art student, I concentrated on rendering what I saw before me.

Eva Rose Goetz—The Cloth I Am Made Of

One day, after two years of painting large politically-themed paintings, my heart had grown heavy, burdened by holding the suffering in the world.

Cheryl Lichwell

How does an artist express doubts, inner thoughts, or wishes?

Sarah Hewitt

fever pitch
it comes to the surface

Joseph Ascrizzi—In the Garden of Entropy

by Kathy Weinberg

It is fitting, as you drive toward Albion to the town of Freedom, that you must take the slight left fork onto the North Palermo Road

Carl Little—On Robert Neuman’s Ship to Paradise

“I’ve got two tickets to paradise.

Won’t you pack your bags, we’ll leave tonight.”

—Eddie Money, 1977

Adriane Herman—Implications of Disposability

I explore cycles of accumulation and release in our physical and emotional landscapes.

Poetry—Betsy Sholl, Jeffrey Thomson, Linda Aldrich

UMVA Members’ Showcase—Kathleen March, Ed McCartan, Petrea Noyes, Marnie Sinclair, Christine Sullivan

UMVA Members’ Showcase—Mark Barnett, Mary Becker Weiss, David Estey, Kathleen Florance, Margaret Leonard


Insight/Incite—Portland Culture Exchange

by Lilly Pearlman and Yannick Bizimana

Consider a community in which everyone is proud of their identity and humbled by the vastness of cultural identities.


 Launch of Website and Screening Tour

Upcoming UMVA Maine Masters Film—Natasha Mayers

Go to Indiegogo to see the film trailer for “Natasha Mayers: An Un-still Life” 

 ARRT! and LumenARRT! Updates

The Artists Rapid Response Team! and LumenARRT! are projects of the Union of Maine Visual Artists.

 UMVA Portland Exhibit—Migration Experience April 2018

UMVA Gallery at CTN (Portland Media Center)

UMVA Portland Chapter Update

Update on UMVA members in the Portland area chapter…

 UMVA L/A Chapter Report

Update on what’s happening with UMVA members in Lewiston and Auburn…

Invitation—Members’ Showcase for Spring 2018

What are the stories you tell of yourself, your family, and heritage? How do they —or do they at all—figure in your artwork, thoughts and memories? How do they relate to your cultural perspective?