Harvest Masquerade Costume Ball. UMVA-Lewiston Auburn.

UMVA-LA has had a great fall season, full of events that create wonderful memories for all. 


Our Harvest Masquerade Ball fundraiser was a great success!  Our event grew by 50+ attendees who all had an amazing evening . We look forward to next year  .  Our winners were Penny Wise and Louie, Scary dead mother, and Bob Ross.

Harvest Masquerade Costume Ball. UMVA-Lewiston Auburn.

UMVA-LA member, Sheri Withers, worked with three Environmental Studies students from Bates College on a semester-long project called “Mapping Downtown Art”, for their junior and senior capstone class.  They have been working closely with her to create a database and map for public art displays in Lewiston and Auburn. The goal of this project is to make information about public art more accessible to community members and visitors in the community, to create a way for people to find and contact both artists and galleries in the community, and to write a report that discusses the value of public art in communities and how it can create a positive culture and promote positive change.  Website address is www.lapublicart.wixsite.com/home

UMVA-LA is currently working on our third “For The Love Of Art” tour.  We use this event as an experience to awaken all the senses around Valentine’s Day.  We create a multi-gallery/studio exhibit for folks to add to their romantic evening out.  This involves edible art, scented art, visual art, touchable art, massage and or Reiki therapists and much more! 

For the love of art 2017. UMVA-LA.

This year we will be partnering with L/A Arts and local musician Elijah True to also create an after party that has live Maine-based musicians to add to the experience.


We at UMVA-LA look forward to mapping out our goals and events for the new year in this coming month.  Opportunities for growth are looking positive and we have high hopes for the upcoming year! 

Photo Credit Gary Stallsworth