by Lilly Pearlman and Yannick Bizimana

Consider a community in which everyone is proud of their identity and humbled by the vastness of cultural identities.   Consider an event that transverses ownership from language to language, cultures, creeds, and personalities; interwoven and respected.  The Portland Culture Exchange is a movement building connections across communities in the Greater Portland area.  We offer platforms for different groups of Portland residents to create friendships and learn about each other through shared interests.  We deeply believe that every individual has something to teach or share, and something to learn.  Over the two years that the Portland Culture Exchange (or PCE) has existed, we have hosted events, meetings, and parties, working to build this community and vision of which we dream, and have built deep cross-cultural connections in our city.  

These events include:

First Friday Music & Dance Jams

First Friday Music & Dance Jams.

House gatherings.

Cooking exchanges.

Language exchanges.

Portland Culture Exchange, photo by megan webster

We Sing for Peace.

We’ve been fortunate to meet the people of AART!  and work with them on our beautiful new banner. Thanks, ARRT!

 There is room for every [Greater] Portlander to come learn and share, give and take.  Coming up, we have more We Sing for Peace events (January 1st), Open Mics (the next one on February 9th), and other exciting events planned. Join us and learn more at: