Raquel Miller

A sketchbook as record, as vessel, as extension of brain, heart, hand, self. A sketchbook as friend. Sketchbook as diary, as devotion. A sketchbook as lens, as window, as mirror. A sketchbook as honesty. A sketchbook to soothe fear, to dream, to indulge, to wonder, to scream, to fantasize, to idealize, to hold. A sketchbook to hold, in messy palms, against paint-dashed fingertips; to carry against our chest, in back pockets, in tote bags and backpacks; to be coffee stained, wrinkled, torn, dented, and bent, wetted by rain or condensation from our drink. A sketchbook as protection. A sketchbook to be forgotten and, one day, opened again.

Miller 01 Feb25th2024

Raquel P Miller, Feb 25th 2024, graphite and acrylic in Royal Talens sketchbook, 16 x 11.5 in., 2024.

Miller 02 HandOutlineandCemeterySketch

Raquel P Miller, Hand Outline and Cemetery Sketch, Graphite and acrylic in Royal Talens sketchbook, 16 x 11.5 in., 2024.


Judy Labrasca

I try to always have a small sketchbook with me when I travel so that I can make drawings and notes when I have a few minutes not otherwise engaged. The drawings that are the most fun to look at later are the ones done when I only had a minute or two (sometimes only a few seconds) to capture impressions of things I’d like to remember.

LaBrasca 1 TripToPeaks

Judy LaBrasca, Trip to Peaks: On the Ferry from Portland Looking toward Peaks Island, pencil.

LaBrasca 2 LeavingPortland

Judy LaBrasca, Leaving Portland: On the Ferry to Peaks Island, Facing the Portland Skyline, micron pen and watercolor.

LaBrasca 3 LeavingVinalhaven

Judy LaBrasca, Leaving Vinalhaven: Passing Things on the Way to Rockland, Micron chisel point pen.

LaBrasca 4 LookingEast

Judy LaBrasca, Looking East, from Peaks Island, ink brush pen and watercolor.


Sebastian Masters

Masters 1 Oroville

Sebastian Masters, Oroville, ink, 7 x 10 in., 2024.

Masters 2 CousinsIsland

Sebastian Masters, Cousins Island, ink, 7 x 10 in. 2024.

Masters 3 Creature

Sebastian Masters, Creature, ink, 7 x 10 in. 2024.

Masters 4 Gilsland

Sebastian Masters, Gilsland, ink, 7 x 10 in. 2024.


Bruce Bulger

Bulger 1 Drawing out your Window Papercut

Bruce Bulger, Drawing out Your Window, pencil and papercut, 11 x 14 in., 2015 (photo: A. Ziner).

Bulger 2 The Spit Deer Isle

Bruce Bulger, The Spit, Deer Isle, watercolor, 8.25 x 23 in., 2018 (photo: A. Ziner).

Bulger 3 Alhambra Andalusia

Bruce Bulger, Alhambra, watercolor, 5.5 x 7 in., 2024 (photo: A. Ziner).

Bulger 4 Travler's Mountain looking towards Baxter

Bruce Bulger, Traveler’s Mountain, looking towards Baxter, watercolor, 8.25 x 23 in., 2019 (photo: A. Ziner).


Image at top: Raquel P Miller, Human Beings Imprinted on the Sky, Posca marker and watercolor in Royal Talens sketchbook, 16 x 11.5 in., 2024.