Matt Blackwell

Blackwell 3 hesafeekinidjeet

Matthew Blackwell, He’s a Feekin Idjeet, watercolor, multimedia, 6 in. x 9 in., 2024.

I love to draw over old notes in my pocket sketchbook. The ground of lists is so welcoming to my process of figuring things out. A little wash of coffee or spit gives me a nice middle ground of color to push deeper with pens, or a touch of gesso, or white pastel that lets me bring in refinements. This pushing and pulling of forms gives rise to drawings for sculptures, paintings, or drawings that have their own intimate sensibilities. Mixes of color from various colored pens yield odd colors that enable form some freedom. Drawings from life also figure into my sketching practice. I enjoy the demands of working with liquid mediums. A Sumi brush, some sharpened sticks, an ink bottle stopper, some rags, and some white pastel help to bring about form. I love drawing landscapes. I love the pressure of the moment chasing after the chaos of forms and changing light. It makes me feel alive. When I’m in Maine, I find it’s all I want to do.


Blackwell 6 deviceforlisteningtoghosts

Matthew Blackwell, Device for Listening to Ghosts, ink, rust, wash, 9 in. x 6 in., 2000.

Blackwell 4 bighatatbeach

Matthew Blackwell, Big Hat at the Beach, ink, multimedia, 8 in. x 6 in., 2024.















Daryne Rockett

Rockett 1 SilhouettePortraitStudy

Daryne Rockett, Silhouette Portrait Study, mixed media, 5 x 16 in., 2019.

Rockett 3 DichromaticPortraitPractice

Daryne Rockett, Dichromatic Portrait Practice, acrylic, 5 x 16 in., 2019.

These art journal entries were created in a group setting with military veterans delving into various media and subject matter as a means of creative expression, relaxation, and self-reflection. The first three explore portraiture in a playful manner. Group members tried on hats and masks and then did time-limited paintings with a randomly selected color palette. The fourth image was created using stencils and spray inks in a quick, intuitive manner following a prompt to inspire color choices and journaling.

Rockett 2 HatsAndMasksPortraitPractice

Daryne Rockett, Hats and Masks Portrait Practice, acrylic, 5 x 16 in., 2019.

Rockett 4 LandscapeStudy

Daryne Rockett, Landscape Study, spray Ink and micron pen, 5 x 16 in., 2019.


Rebecca Poole-Heyne

Poole Heyne 1wheelchairinthelight

Rebecca Poole-Heyne, Wheelchair in the light, watercolor, 5 x 7 in., 2024.

Poole Heyne 2 spraybottleandsaltshaker

Rebecca Poole-Heyne, Spray Bottle and Saltshaker, watercolor, 5 x 7 in., 2024.











I fell this winter and was slowed down a bit with some broken bones. My sketchbook saved me!

Poole Heyne 3 Jan 19

Rebecca Poole-Heyne, Jan. 19, watercolor, 5 x 14 in., 2024.

Poole Heyne 4 fallingcrashingflashing

Rebecca Poole-Heyne, Falling, Crashing, Flashing, watercolor, 5 x 7 in., 2024.


Peggy Johnson (1945-2020) – Sketchbooks 

Maine jeweler, Peggy Johnson, graduated from college as an English major before becoming a jeweler. Her sketchbooks, and her work, show her lifelong love of language. Words and phrases are often stamped directly on the pieces and wordplays appear frequently. Although for many visual artists their art is their language, Peggy drew from both for inspiration. The copious notes that accompany her drawings give a wealth of information on her thoughts about design and process for making her unique jewelry.

Johnson sketchbook 4

Peggy Johnson, sketchbook page.

Johnson sketchbook 3

Peggy Johnson, sketchbook page.

Johnson sketchbook 2

Peggy Johnson, sketchbook page.

Johnson sketchbook 1

Peggy Johnson, sketchbook page.

Submitted by Ann Thompson.



Image at top: Matthew Blackwell, Wild River, ink, 13 in. x 20 in., 2012.