Displayed at the October show: Alight on a Rocky Shore: Joanne Tarlin, Underwater Fantasy: Ocean Cooling, 30 x 30 in., oil on linen.

The Midcoast Chapter has a combined zoom and in-person meeting set for 11:30 a.m. at the Belfast Public Library, 106 High St., on Saturday 13 January. On the agenda will be reports from members on exhibit venues for 2024. Those attending are asked to bring their own brown bag lunches and drinks. The official business will be brief and members are encouraged to bring an art piece to show and get feedback.

December’s Holiday Fair at the Rockland American Legion was not as lucrative as was hoped, and that venue will be crossed off the books for next year.


UMVA Midcoast Chapter Update Fall 2023

umva midcoast report Linda Leach explosion book workshop CPL Nov 2023 copy

Linda Leach teaching the Explosion Book workshop at the Camden Library in November.

In November, Linda Leach presented an “explosion book” workshop at the Camden Public Library. It is a handmade small square book, which “explodes” into a series of square and triangular pages when you open it up. Over a dozen people attended.

umva midcoast report Marjorie Strauss Lady portrait2 copy

Marjorie Strauss, Lady Portrait, one of the paintings from the 4 x 6 show at the Blue Hill Library.

4 x 6 was the name of the invitational exhibit at the Blue Hill Public Library featuring four works by six artists chosen by Janelle Delicata. The artists were Kelly Desrosiers (Unity), Janelle Delicata (Blue Hill), Jane Gilbert (Orland), Elisabeth Goodridge (Appleton), Marjorie Strauss (Rockland), and Deb Vendetti (Hope).


Sue Garrett”s work at the Holiday Fair in Rockland.

Four different UMVA Midcoast artists were at the American Legion Holiday Fair in Rockland. Participating artists included Ann Tracy, Donald Patten, Sue Garrett, and Robin Macintosh.

UMVAMIDC glass20231124 163407 copy

Robin Macintosh, glass plates at the Midcoast Holiday Fair.


Image at top: Emily Sabino showing her work, Awakening the Inner Muse, at the 22 October Midcoast member meeting.