Don’t waste time! Join the UMVA members showing work together on the UMVA website! Guidelines below.


Follow guidelines carefully:


  • Send to
  • Subject line needs to have the following words for filtering purposes: UMVA Artist Page Submission
  • Attach four photos, no larger than 2.5 MB, in jpg format (or jpeg)
    • File name for the photos (please don’t send this info in the email text): Last Name_Title_Technique
  • Bio / Artist Statement – 250 words combined – put in email text only (no attachments). Please be sure this is clear in your email, as I will copy and paste. Also, I’ll make adjustments for paragraphs, but I won’t spend (a lot) of time editing, so be sure it’s written well.
  • In the email text, add up to four links you’d like us to use directing to your work on other sites.
  • For the most part, changes should be made once per year after I’ve received word of your membership renewal to the UMVA. Changes can be made mid-year, but please keep these to a minimum and expect some delay.
  • In the email text, please give me 2-3 tags that I can use to describe your work behind the scenes on the website (for example: abstract artist, landscape, street photography, etc.)

UMVA member Greg Burns is designing the member artist pages, so be sure to send your work to the email address above.

*Please note: UMVA members are reminded to add the email address: to your contacts in order to facilitate receiving UMVA member emails and updates.


Image at top: Natasha Mayers and Friends, Whitefield Independence Day Parade, Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!