This is a disturbing story for several reasons:

Just the idea that an individual would intentionally destroy a large work of art — even taking the parts and disposing of them — is monstrous.

It is also troubling that there were not sufficient legal or professional resources for the artist to develop an appropriately robust response. From there, the ultimate outcome failed the artist in terms of justice.

These are very serious issues. It is upsetting to bear witness to a criminal episode with such an unsatisfying outcome. It is positive that Ms. Bouchard has found she can move on and relate her story so eloquently, but it’s not enough. This should never happen again! It is concerning that Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts has disbanded, so the Editorial Board is asking that you email us or post here in the comments section if you know of legal resources or attorneys who have skills in areas such as VARA (Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990), copyright, destruction of property (i.e. art), First Amendment (free speech), or other topics relating specifically to the visual arts. If we get a sufficient response, we will add it to the MAJ. Thank you.