The new documentary, TRUTH TELLERS, about artist/author Robert Shetterly and his portrait project Americans Who Tell the Truth (AWTT) will be going into production in Charlottesville, Virginia in late February 2020.  The film’s production team, Director Richard Kane (Imber’s Left Hand, I Know a Man… Ashley Bryan) and Director of Photography Bob Elfstrom (Gimme Shelter), will be documenting the latest major AWTT event where six exhibits and 80 of Shetterly’s paintings will be exhibited throughout the city including the University of Virginia.  Some of Shetterly’s subjects will be participating in discussions with him including:  Kelsey Juliana, Sherri Mitchell, Bree Newsome, Reverend Lennox Yearwood, John Hunter, David Swanson, Diane Wilson, and others.

The team has been meeting since summer 2019 preparing a Road Map for the film project that is intended for national distribution in late 2020. Judy Hallet, former Senior Producer at National Geographic, has been hired onto the team as co-writer. Another of the film’s supporters, former president of WGBH Henry Becton, said: “audiences are craving stories of this type of American truth-tellers.” 

The film’s release will be coordinated with the Fall 2020 launch of Shetterly’s latest book that will include 250 of his “models of courageous citizenship”.  The film and book will tour the country to create a national conversation about the state of truth in our country.  It is expected that the tour will be followed by a national broadcast.

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Image at top: Robert Shetterly, Americans Who Tell the Truth