For the most part I work intuitively, with no intent of narrative. But sometimes a narrative appears and I find a mantra building within my head. Other times I begin with a mantra that is fleshed out in the work.

This monoprint series was created at a time of turmoil in my life, the turmoil that comes both from my internal world and from the outside world often in equal measure.

Laura Dunn, “Release”, Gelatin Monoprint, 12” x 9”

Emotions spiral up from the gut flowing around, through and out the mind.

My emotions and my intellect are always in conversation.

BALANCE is key.

This series is about that balance and the reconciliation I have come to find in nature.

I have learned that I must catch, capture, reign in and offer up my thoughts and emotions in order to stay grounded.

The offering is given over to nature, is poured out in working the land, observing growth, death and rebirth with reverence.

The offering is consumed by my intellect and sublimated by both action and inaction. The doing and the not doing. Equal in their importance.

Laura Dunn, “Trying to Catch”, Gelatin Monoprint, 12” x 9”

The earth, the garden growing, maturing, dying all feed my center.

LIFE by definition is sacred. Death sacred too.

Laura Dunn, “Finding My Way in the Garden”, Gelatin Monoprint, 12” x 9”

Laura Dunn, “Catch and Release”, Gelatin Monoprint, 12” x 9”

The work in this series centers around the celebration of this sacred dichotomy, and the peace it brings to my soul.