Henry Wolyniec never called himself a printmaker, though he made much of his work on a Vandercook.

Wolyniec 2 HW107 copy

Henry Wolyniec, HW107, monoprint, 2010.

He used the press not as a delivery system but as a collaborator. By building up and manipulating layers of material on the print bed, he created a unique piece each time, no two alike.

Wolyniec 4 12 25 copy

Henry Wolyniec, 12.25, monoprint, 2012.

Wolyniec 1 Bagel Series copy

Henry Wolyniec, Bagel Series, monoprint, 2016.

What could you possibly fit on a roller bed? For an exhibition about the history of the donut, he printed bagels. Five dozen later, he assembled them as a mosaic and found serendipity in the shape. They created his signature mark, a dot.

Wolyniec 3 13 06 copy

Henry Wolyniec, 13.06, monoprint, 2013.

Wolyniec 5 notebook drawing 09 copy

Henry Wolyniec, Notebook Drawing 09, marker, 2013.


Image at top: Henry Wolyniec, 11.33, monoprint, 2011.