A community of women artists meet annually for a regenerative week of art making and support on the magical island of Islesboro. Organized and hosted by Brita Holmquist, the Long Ledge retreat is a joyful suspension of daily life allowing for serious work and serious play. The drawings below were created during the 2023 retreat in anticipation of celebrating the 100th anniversary of Surrealism with the Maine Arts Journal.

For more information about the Long Ledge retreat and the artists who participate, click here.

Sondra Bogdonoff, Louise Bourne, Pam Elias, Sarah Faragher, Wendy Garner, Rebecca Goodale, Brita Holmquist, Natasha Mayers, Nikki Schumann, Sharon Townshend, Susan Van Campen, and Jean Wyman created these Exquisite Corpse drawings during the third week of September 2023 at Long Ledge retreat held each year at the home of Brita Holmquist on Islesboro.