Art, in its various forms, helps to define an era. For many of a certain generation the opening chords to the song “Gimme Shelter” send a chill and recall the chaos of the 1960’s.
In childhood, sanctuary can come from a fort between two chairs and blanket, or a perch in a tree. Sanctuary implies a journey, something one seeks or finds within a family or a community. We now have sanctuary cities. One’s home, a special room, a library, a house of worship, a garden, a boat on a lake or the ocean, a nature preserve, a state, region or a country can all hold the promise of sanctuary. It can also be found in a cup of tea, in candle light, a plate of food, or a letter written or received, or a tent where the thin fabric provides shelter in an ethereal form of architecture.
Artists have long sought the sanctuary of a studio or the company of like-minded peers,  or in the archives of art history.
Art, whether it is a representation of the visible world or an exploration of an interior realm, becomes a sanctuary for both artists and for the audience.  Art becomes a place where viewers in the distant future can behold our dreams and in them find sanctuary anew, like Cezanne’s apples and the mountains he painted.
Share with us your visions of sanctuary whether it is an actual place or an inner sanctum. Where do you seek it, where do you find it?

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