Here are two poems by Estha Weiner, who grew up in Portland and Falmouth and now lives in New York City.  Her sense of irony and of how to create characters and a sense of dialogue through the briefest suggestion come in part from her training in the theater.  Estha loves Maine and returns whenever possible.      Betsy Sholl


“Lying about Sex” was first published in J Journal. Both of these poems will be in her forthcoming book from Salmon Press, titled “at the last minute. ”


Lying About Sex

“Elizabeth, I have confessed”

John Proctor, The Crucible, Arthur Miller


I thought I saw

my husband


What of Abigail Williams?


somewhat turning from


Goody Proctor


My husband is a good

and righteous


To your own knowledge,

has John Proctor


I came to think

he fancied


Your husband—

did he


My husband

is a goodly


Then he

did not


He is a goodly


Has John Proctor ever

committed the crime




Is your husband

a lecher?


No, sir.





Come,  dearest,  we’ll play

A little poker,

Stud and Draw,

The first game you taught me.

I’ll bring our plastic chips;

You’ll win.  I’ll take

Your hand.  I’ll take

You out of here.

Listen, I’m pretending

I can talk to you.

Pretend you can

Hear me.

Come,  dearest,

Come   back.