Nearly fifty UMVA members met by Zoom and exchanged ideas with the leadership on 17 April. They ratified the board of directors and discussed a wide range of topics:

  • The vision, mission, strategic management plan, and chapter relations.
  • Nine foundational goals, with measurable actions to grow and sustain the organization.
  • Increased activities and visibility with a new 24 x 18 inch poster and a TV PSA on YouTube.
  • Membership up from 268 last fall to 395 in late May, almost a 50% increase.
  • A new exhibitions committee to explore permanent and temporary space statewide.
  • A redesigned, interactive website to go live by 1 August.
  • New initiatives to bring artists together, a summer gala, and exclusive studio visits.
  • Increased outreach and quality in ARRT!, LumenARRT!, the Maine Arts Journal, and Maine Master films.
  • The Maine Masters film Truth Tellers now on PBS television around the country and nominated for a New England Emmy award.
  • The new Maine Masters film CARLO . . . and his Merry Band of Artists to premiere at the Maine International Film Festival in Waterville and elsewhere in July and August.
  • A balanced budget but one still largely dependent on depleting grants, thus a renewed emphasis on fundraising.
  • An appeal for help filling expected executive vacancies (Vice President and Secretary) in the fall.
  • A closing emphasis on getting actively involved for the betterment of all.


Image at top: UMVA poster.