Robert Shetterly Presents UMVA at Pecha Kucha

On 5 April, 6:30 p.m. at the Strand Theatre in Rockland, Rob will be one of nine creative artists and organizations each presenting twenty images and narratives in twenty seconds within Pecha Kucha’s unique storytelling format.

Shetterly will present UMVA’s colorful activist history, current advocacy programs, like Artists’ Rapid Response Team! (ARRT!), LumenARRT!, Maine Arts Journal and Maine Masters projects, as well as the new emphasis on “Artists Helping Artists” and the benefits of UMVA membership. A reception will follow. The entry fee is $5 at the door, plus $2.50 for advance tickets from the Strand Theatre at 594-0070. Last year they sold out fast.

Robert Shetterly is creator of a series of paintings, books and lectures nationwide about “Americans Who Tell the Truth” to educate Americans about their rights and responsibilities as citizens. He is a former UMVA president and the subject of Richard Kane’s UMVA Maine Masters film “Truth Tellers,” which has been shown and discussed by the producers and subjects in over 100 forums at schools and other institutions around the country. PBS is distributing it to all their affiliates through 2025.


Image at top: Robert Shetterly (photo: Kane-Lewis Productions).