ARRT! The Artists Rapid Response Team (ARRT!) is a project of the Union of Maine Visual Artists.  The ARRTists are members of the UMVA who collaborate with progressive organizations throughout Maine to create “visual soundbites,” frequently in the form of banners, to be used to draw attention to important issues. ARRT! is grateful for the support of the UMVA and the Broad Reach Fund of the Maine Community Foundation.

arrt 17

ARRT! banner for From Above, Belfast.

ARRT! has collaborated with many groups this Fall including From Above, an organization that is holding community conversations in Belfast, working toward establishing a homeless shelter for Waldo Co. Other community groups and non-profits we joined forces with include Disability Rights Maine, Women in Harmony, Planned Parenthood, Extinction Rebellion.

arrt 4

Fall 2019, ARRTists collaborating.

arrt 22

ARRT! banner for Disability Rights Maine.

arrt 1

Fall 2019, ARRTists collaborating.

arrt 21

ARRT! banner in collaboration with Extinction Rebellion.

arrt 13

ARRT! session with Bates College students, photo: Deb Fahy.

arrt 3

Student activists collaborate with ARRT!

arrt 2

Student activists collaborate with ARRT!

arrt 12

ARRT! banner for Belfast fish farm opposition.

arrt 11

Activists with ARRT! banner in opposition to fish farming in Belfast, ME.

arrt 19

ARRT! banner for Planned Parenthood.

arrt 20

ARRT! banner on immigration.

arrt 18

Image for LumenARRT! truck projection on ICE detention center. ARRT! teamed up with LumenARRT! to provide paintings for the upcoming New Years Eve event described in the LumenARRT! Update.

arrt 23

ARRT! banner for Women in Harmony.


ARRT! also provided a workshop at a three-day conference in November, Opioid Epidemic: What’s art got to do with it?  in Belfast, at the University of Maine Hutchinson Center, in partnership with the Belfast Creative Coalition. The following banners were created during the workshop.

arrt 5 copy

arrt 8

arrt 9


arrt 10

arrt 7

arrt 6 copy


Image at top: ARRTists at work!