The Artists Rapid Response Team! is a project of the Union of Maine Visual Artists. Activist artists who seek to provide visual soundbites for progressive groups throughout Maine, the members of ARRT! gather monthly to paint, construct and create the ideas they have spent the time in between designing.

LumenARRT! creates large scale building projections and videos using the skills of its members in consultation with scientists and other experts.

The latest video projection from LumenARRT!, “Air Story,” reminds people that climate change is an undisputed fact among scientists and that there are many toxic substances in our air. The brief video projections will be popping up at venues throughout Maine in 2017.

“Air Story”, artwork by Suzanna Lasker, animation by Geoffrey Leighton

Next showing:  Friday, July 14th at the Maine International Film Festival (MIFF) Opening Night Party. Come down to Waterville Opera House after dark.  There will be an interactive component going so viewers can Tweet and/or draw onto a large projection live.  The audience will be reacting to finding out the air quality in their zip code. Try it now! Visit the 10Green project at the University of Maine ->

Then share what you think (and most importantly, what you’re going to do about it): #WhatsYourBreathableNumber

See for more projections!

The creations of ARRT! and LumenARRT! fly out to gatherings, meetings, storefronts, events and other locations, carried by the committed people working to make life better for Mainers and the rest of the world.

Go to for more info and images.

Here are a few recent projects, click on an image to see it full sized.

The slides below give a taste of ARRT!’s presence at the Climate Rally held in Augusta this spring, in coordination with rallies in Washington and all over the planet. The pipeline snake was designed by Carolyn Eyler and other ARRTists, with construction help from USM students and community members.

ARRT! is thankful for the generous contributions from the Broadreach Fund of the Maine Community Foundation and the support of the UMVA and its members.