ARRT logocopyAs a project of the UMVA, ARRT! creates images for progressive non-profits throughout the state. ARRT! provides a visual voice for groups that need assistance getting their messages out. Much of ARRT!’s work consists of large original hand-painted banners, but new media and applications are popping up all the time. All of ARRT!’s work is done in collaboration, with the belief and proven practice, that our best work emerges through our shared skills, ideas, and the lively process of group critique we have developed. See more at


ARRT!, vegetable signs for Cultivating Community’s gardens in Portland.


ARRT!, vegetable signs for Cultivating Community’s gardens in Portland.








From garden signs, which we LOVE to paint, to street banners, ARRT! has been at work this spring. Among the projects we painted outside at the Merrymeeting Grange Hall, the home of the Bowdoinham Historical Society; was a banner for De-ICE which opposes the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Facility in Scarborough, a Medicare for All banner, and a banner about the Pine Tree Amendment.


ARRT!, De-Ice Maine.

arrt 2 copy

ARRT!, Medicare For All Coalition of Maine.

ARRT new2

ARRT! banner in support of a Bail Fund set up by PRESENTE!, Mano en Mano, Mainers for Humane Immigration.


ARRT!, Pine Tree Amendment.

Many environmental issues have Mainers concerned including protecting the air quality in South Portland and keeping forever chemicals out of our waters and landfills. ARRT! painted a banner for Defend Our Health and one in solidarity with those standing for the Penobscot, (Sunlight Media Collective, Don’t Waste ME, and the Penobscot Nation) about the Juniper Ridge Landfill and dumping leachates into the Penobscot River.


ARRT!, Protect South Portland.


ARRT!, Defend our Health.


ARRT!, We Stand in Solidarity with the Penobscot.


Arrtists at a painting session.

As the pandemic hopefully winds down, ARRT! has been involved with Creative Portland and their work to remind people to follow healthy guidelines.


ARRT!, street barricade for Creative Portland to promote social distancing and outdoor dining.

Social justice is always front and center. Concerns about the plight of oppressed people around the world and the inequities of the prison-industrial complex were a focus of spring ARRT! projects as well.


ARRT!, protect Palestinian human rights banner.


ARRT!, banner for Freedom & Captivity: Art on Abolition.

Workshop Waterville 2 copy

Coming up on 10 July at the Maine International Film Festival, ARRT! will collaborate with the Kneeling Art Photography Project, LumenARRT!, and activist artist Natasha Mayers to do a workshop on strategies to use activist art. Join us if you can, people can sign up at the MIFF website to attend and also purchase tickets to any of the exciting films being offered during the Waterville Festival, 9–18 July.

Always open to new members, we convene with paintbrushes regularly at Merrymeeting Grange Hall, 27 Main St. Bowdoinham. We are grateful to the Bowdoinham Historical Society for hosting us and to the Maine Community Foundation’s Broad Reach Fund for their continued support. See more at


Image at top: ARRT!, banner for Freedom & Captivity: Art on Abolition.