The images created by ARRTists  become vibrant components of communities throughout the state and over time find many uses, often framing important messages and bringing groups together. As a project of the UMVA, ARRT! creates images for progressive non-profits throughout the state, and on occasion, for special requests for out-of-Maine organizations. ARRT! provides a visual voice for groups which need assistance getting their messages out. The photos featured below offer a glimpse into the vibrant lives the images live and what they offer to Maine citizens.

ARRT! banners, placards and props can often be found at  Whitefield Maine’s Fourth of July parade.

Much of ARRT!’s work consists of large original hand-painted banners, but new media and applications are popping up all the time. All of ARRT’s work is done in collaboration, with the belief and proven practice, that our best work emerges through our shared skills, ideas and the lively process of group critique we have developed. See more at

Friends School banner


LumenARRT! is a project of the Artists Rapid Response Team (ARRT!).  Working through the Union of Maine Visual Artists (UMVA), LumenARRT! creates video projections illuminating messages, like electronic graffiti, to bring awareness to issues of social, political and environmental justice.

LumenARRT’s  projection on 6/29/18 was in front of Susan Collins’ office in support of the “Keep Families Together” rally the next day.

CLICK on the animation below to see a video of the actual projection:

LumenARRT! projection 6/29 was in front of Susan Collins’ office in support of the “Keep Families Together” rally the next day

Our  projection on Sept. 7th, Friday Art Walk in Portland, featured a Codfish Funeral with the IDEAL MAINE SOCIAL AID AND SANCTUARY BAND!  We started about 7:30 PM on Congress Street, using our new MOVING projection system,   in support of the global mobilization and Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice Rally the next day at Lincoln Park in Portland.

CLICK on image below to see a short video of the Codfish Funeral including dancing in the streets!

LumenARRT! First Friday projection 9/7/18.

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