Introduction to Fall 2019 Maine Arts Journal

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Edgar Allen Beem — Maine and the Art World

Carl Little — DeWitt Hardy, Genius of the Chamber

Brian Reeves

Lesley Dill
Dan Dowd
Tom Butler — Lost in Darkness and Distance
Jordan Seiler — Who is gonna pay for this mess? PublicAccess 2015-Ongoing
Opposites Attract — Waldman-Plesch+Plesch-Waldman
Alan Crichton — Being Appropriate
Daniel Kany In/Appropriate

Véronique Plesch — Decolonization and Appropriation at the Colby College Museum of Art

Poetry — Ellen M Taylor

Poetry — Martin Steingesser

Poetry — Julia Bouwsma

UMVA Members Showcase: Debra Yoo, Ruth Sylmor, Alice James, Amy Bellezza

UMVA Members’ Showcase: Jim Kelly, Ann Tracy, Tom Fallon

In Focus with Hilary Irons — Art at UNE

Bridget Matros — Sometimes We Make Art

William Hessian — Message from the UMVA President

UMVA Archives — Pat and Tony Owen Fall 2019

UMVA Portland Chapter Update Fall 2019

UMVA-LA Chapter Report Fall 2019

ARRT! and LumenARRT! Updates Fall 2019

Invitation to Submit to the Winter 2020 Maine Arts Journal: UMVA Quarterly