Several years in the making, Natasha Mayers: An Un-still Life, will be available at the first of the year.


Now, more than ever, people want to see truthful, creative role models like Natasha Mayers, who has been called the “most committed activist artist” in Maine and who Senator George Mitchell called a “state treasure.” Presenting an artist who has remained true to her passion for over 50 years, the film follows Natasha as she takes on social, economic, and environmental justice issues with humor, irreverence and a keen aesthetic that enlightens while it entertains. Using a non-traditional approach, the film’s animation and special effects reflect Mayers’ own art-style. See her fly!  See her make Trump disappear! From her arrest at a demonstration to featured conversations with artists Kathy Bradford, Robert Shetterly, and art critic Lucy Lippard, the film follows her quest to engage with the questions that face people-of-conscience today.

As the filmmakers, Anita Clearfield and Geoffrey Leighton, begin the distribution phase of getting the film out, they’re interested in ideas for pandemic screenings! Yes, DVDs will be available, yes, public television, yes, streaming, yes, a drive-in when the weather warms up, but any other ideas? Let them know at

A second part of distribution will be to fundraise to create an educational curriculum. The film can apply in many subject areas from art to civics. As the film gets inside the spirit of Natasha Mayers’ art, a curriculum will help students engage with her inspirational call to join in an activist life.

More on that soon…

And all the wonderful people who have contributed to make the film possible will finally get their premiums that were pledged in the Indiegogo Fundraising campaign!

Here’s a short tease of the film to be:

Natasha Mayers: An Un-Still Life is part of the Maine Masters series of films about Maine artists, sponsored by the Union of Maine Visual Artists (UMVA).