Spring 2018 MAJ

From the Editors: Origin Stories

 We asked you to tell us the stories you tell of yourself, to share who you are, and how you got here.

Alice Spencer

I have always made things–paintings, drawings, things with clay.

Cynthia  J Ahlstrin

My most cohesive origin stories can be found within my artist’s books – in both the traditional book forms as well as in the altered books.

Susan Drucker

These drawings are part of an on-going book project based on reimagined family photos.

Gigi Aea—Journey

In the spring of 1996, Gigi Aea designed and produced his first hand-painted jacket that was featured in the Metropolitan Museum Fashion Gala,

Crossing Bridges  by Kathy Weinberg

The Martin Wong retrospective “Human Instamatic” — a road trip to the Bronx, and a family story.

Migration Experience — Reflections of Maine Immigrant Artists
In April, the creative voices and talents of more than a dozen immigrant artists living in greater Portland will be exhibited at the Union of Maine Visual Artists Gallery.

Anna Mikušková — Origin Stories
I grew up in a house made of books: children’s books, classics, detective stories, forbidden publications that escaped communist censorship being passed down by generations of writers.

Juliet Karelsen- Origin Stories

My current work is a response to the Maine woods.

William Kienbusch And the Gift of Place by Carl Little
My uncle, the painter William Kienbusch (1914-1980) spent most his life in two places, New York City and Maine.

Clare Morin — Origin Stories

It begins, of course, with the fact that there is no beginning.

Humble Origins — How Art Can Create Identity by Edgar Allen Beem
Our home is filled with fine and fun art, almost all of it created by friends and family.

Art Origins: My life as a half-blind art critic by Daniel Kany
When I was four years old, I wound up with a steak knife in my eye.

 Arts of the Deal  By Mirlea Saks

The woman who brought contemporary art to Maine

TRACES, TRACKS, and PATHWAYS: Making Migration Visible
Upcoming Exhibition co-curated by Julie Poitras Santos and Catherine Besteman; Institute of Contemporary Art, Portland, Maine

Members’ Voices

Excerpts from Renu O’Connell and David Wade

People on the Move – A Human Crisis: Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and the Internally Displaced
Throughout February Camden Public Library and the Jonathan Frost Gallery presented a large joint art show

Betsy Sholl introduction: Poetry by Craig Sipe — Reunion in Beaver Falls
Craig Sipe, a Mainer now, grew up, as his poem says, in Pennsylvania.

 Insight / Incite

Children Paint Art Decks for Memorial Skateboard Park in Bowdoinham

 UMVA Members Showcase — Clara Cohan, Maggie Muth, Lesia Sochor


Maine Masters Report — My Immigrant History  by Richard Kane
I think it’s important for any artist to figure out how to survive. 

 ARRT!  and LumenARRT! Update
The Artists Rapid Response Team! and LumenARRT! are projects of the Union of Maine Visual Artists.

 UMVA L/A Chapter Report

Update on what’s happening with UMVA members in Lewiston and Auburn…

UMVA Portland Chapter Update

Update on UMVA members in the Portland area chapter…

MAJ Summer Invitation and Theme

State of the Studio