Summer 2017 MAJ

From the Editors: Narratives: Public and Private

WELCOME! UMVA members and invited artists responded to our request below for our Summer 2017 Maine Arts Journal theme on narrative:

Grace Metzler     by Emilie Stark-Menneg

With every brushstroke Grace Metzler investigates how humans behave, congregate, love and chill together.

Daniel Minter

Boxes, vessels, holes, jars, and bottles all hold something within. I believe this is where my use of narrative begins.

 Laura Dunn

For the most part I work intuitively, with no intent of narrative.

 Titi De Baccarat

I do not do politics, but I do practice art.

Jeffrey Ackerman; True Stories

The centennial anniversary was celebrated this year for one of the most famous modernist artworks that no one alive today has ever seen.

 Charles Stratton as told to Natasha Mayers

The Lord God has certain ideas he wants expressed in pictures and He uses me to do it.

 Nathaniel Meyer

In attaching meaning to artwork, viewers rely on their own preconceptions and desires.

 Kathy Weinberg

(Almost) Stories, Chapters One and Two

 Mirlea Saks

My Scaintings – 3D paintings – wryly celebrate American life from my perspective as an immigrant.

 Brita Holmquist; Notes on Narrative

Vasari wrote that painting was the finest way to communicate.

 Jim Feast: On Richard Brown Lethem’s "The Falling Red Hat"

As we know, when an Italian Renaissance painter wanted to depict an “historical” scene, whether an episode from Greek mythology or the Bible...

Maia Snow; What's a Painting?

Lines disappeared and the blue overtook the vision as far as the peripherals would stretch.

Poems by Rachel Contreni Flynn; introduction from Betsy Sholl

In Rachel Contreni Flynn’s poems the stories exist on several levels.

Todd Watts

Blanchard Weather Report

American Genre: Contemporary Painting

Attention all painters, all artists!!  A great painting show is coming to Portland, Maine July, 2017.

 UMVA Members Submissions: Summer 2017

Members respond to the theme "Narratives Public and Private"

Insight/Incite: Devon Kelley-Yurdin

All about Engine and the USDAC

 ARRT! Update

The Artists Rapid Response Team! is a project of the Union of Maine Visual Artists.

J. Fred Woell: An American Vision 

This newest episode in the Maine Masters series of documentary film portraits of Maine artists features...

 UMVA L/A Chapter Report

Update on what's happening with UMVA members in Lewiston and Auburn...

UMVA Portland Chapter Report

Update on UMVA members in the Portland area chapter...

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Regionalism: Maine Art and Artist

Is regionalism possible in a globally- connected environment? What does the term Maine artist mean in today’s art culture and is such a term meaningful at all?