Fall 2017 MAJ

From the Editors: Regionalism: Maine Art and Artists

We are pleased to present the Fall 2017 issue “Regionalism: Maine Art and Artist”. A variety of artists and writers respond to the question: Is regionalism possible in a globally- connected environment?

Provincialism (n.) by Dan Kany

Provincialism (n.) “narrowness of mind or outlook; lack of sophistication”  (Collins English Dictionary)

Mary Armstrong , Near-Here

I first came to Maine to go to Skowhegan (then a school of Painting and Sculpture) in the summer of 1977.

Emilie Stark-Meneg

Deep underwater, I scramble to find the cave opening.

Stoney Conley

I have a personal history with Maine, in 1977 my wife Mary and I met in Maine at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture,

William Irvine

Maine has its own character, soul if you wish. I felt it the first morning I woke up in Maine,

David C. Driskell

Traditionally, Maine has served as a special place where artists, beginning in the 19th century, found solace in an attempt to get away from a busy city life.

Marsha Donahue on Regionalism

In some skewed kind of logic, regional art of Maine could be argued around to where art is sometimes defined as Maine.

Lucy Lippard on Regionalism

Place is most often examined from the subjective viewpoint of individual or community, while “region” has traditionally been more of an objective geographic term,

 Made In Maine? by Jeffrey Ackerman

The term Maine artist and the concept of regionalism are political in the sense that the lines on paper defining these terms are drawn on political maps.

Moving Stone 

Poetry submitted by Gary Lawless, introduction by Betsy Sholl

Remembering A Poet Through Her Words

On Poet Karie Friedman by Kathy Weinberg: I was more interested in daily life, less melodramatic human interactions, poems of place, and glimpses of transcendence through ordinary things,

All Art is Local by Edgar Allen Beem

What does it mean to be a Maine artist in the 21st century? Would anyone bother to ask what it means to be a Texas artist? Or a Chicago artist?

UMVA Member Essay 

The Politics of Art by John Ripton

Word Salad Wars

Editorial by Kathy Weinberg

Report from the Front Line.

 ARRT! Update

The Artists Rapid Response Team! is a project of the Union of Maine Visual Artists.

 UMVA L/A Chapter Report

Update on what's happening with UMVA members in Lewiston and Auburn...

UMVA Portland Chapter Fall Update

Update on UMVA members in the Portland area chapter...

Theme for Winter 2018 MAJ

The romantic trope of the melancholic, or even crazy, artist distorts the very real tensions the artist experiences when engaging in content