Cannery Row—A Studio Visit with Ron Crusan by Kathy Weinberg

The crossroads where you make the turn towards Port Clyde is landmarked by the General Henry Knox Museum, a 1929 re-creation of the original 1794 Federal mansion. Its monumental façade comes into view almost simultaneously with the Dragon Cement Company, a large construction of chutes and appendages of the last functioning cement manufacturer in New […]

Hell’s Gate Illuminated: A Tribute to Paul Oberst by Kathy Weinberg

above: Paul Oberst, Studio shot When people talk about tragic events they often start with where they were and what they were doing as if by introducing the mundane back-story one could perform some crude magic and reverse the outcome. What this does is illustrate how our pact with the continuity of things has been […]

Birds of a Feather — Waldman-Plesch+Plesch-Waldman

Waldman-Plesch+Plesch-Waldman discuss the beginnings of their collaboration and their dialogue with the history of museums One of us was born in Buenos Aires, the other in Detroit, but the art collective now known by the name of Waldman-Plesch+Plesch-Waldman, which unites both of us in a creative dialogue, was born in Hinckley, Maine, at the L. […]

Invitation for Fall Issue 2018: Dialogue

Dialogue Dialogue is defined as a conversation between two or more people, and in literature, philosophy or art takes on many forms and formats. The purpose of dialogue is to explore topics rather than reach conclusions. It is different from a debate and more egalitarian than a monologue. Artists can choose from many forms to explore […]

Spring 2018 MAJ

From the Editors: Origin Stories We asked you to tell us the stories you tell of yourself, to share who you are, and how you got here… Alice Spencer I have always made things–paintings, drawings, things with clay… Cynthia J Ahlstrin My most cohesive origin stories can be found within my artist’s books – in […]

Winter 2018 MAJ

From the Editors—InnerVisions Wishing all of our readers a good start to this New Year Alison Hildreth—Wisdom In the Darkness As winter sets in and the days grow darker I am reminded of the time in ancient Greece when caves symbolized the entrance to the classical underworld. Vic Goldsmith Finds the Rhythm The theme of […]

Joseph Ascrizzi—In the Garden of Entropy

by Kathy Weinberg It is fitting, as you drive toward Albion to the town of Freedom, that you must take the slight left fork onto the North Palermo Road—part of Maine’s network of international town names—just the sort of place where an Italian-American from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, like artist Joe Ascrizzi, might settle. On one […]

From the Editors:

above: Emilie Stark-Menneg, Add Gulls, 2017, 48”x36”, acrylic and oil on canvas “Regionalism: Maine Art and Artist“ We are pleased to present the Fall 2017 issue “Regionalism: Maine Art and Artist”. A variety of artists and writers respond to the question: Is regionalism possible in a globally- connected environment? What does the term Maine artist […]


InnerVisions The romantic trope of the melancholic, or even crazy, artist distorts the very real tensions the artist experiences when engaging in content at the intersection of the cultural and personal, that zone where the artist lives and thrives. While making art, an artist may be dealing with anxiety, disappointments, insecurity, fear and/or desire, and […]

Fall 2017 MAJ

From the Editors: Regionalism: Maine Art and Artists We are pleased to present the Fall 2017 issue “Regionalism: Maine Art and Artist”. A variety of artists and writers respond to the question: Is regionalism possible in a globally- connected environment? Provincialism (n.) by Dan Kany Provincialism (n.) “narrowness of mind or outlook; lack of sophistication” […]

Remembering a Poet—Through her words

by Kathy Weinberg  “I was more interested in daily life, less melodramatic human interactions, poems of place, and glimpses of transcendence through ordinary things,” Karie Friedman said of her writing. Waldo County Poet, translator, editor, and founder of a poetry workshop group The Poets’ Table, Karie Friedman died of a sudden illness last week. Along with her […]


News/Events: An on-line source of information about upcoming art events around Maine. Calls for submissions, upcoming exhibitions, programs, classes and activities can be sent to: with the subject: newsletter. Please include all pertinent information and contacts.   The Union of Maine Visual Artists  “Autumn Open Exhibition” with the work of 29 Maine artists. November 9 – December 7, […]

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Sketchbook There is a sense of privacy between the closed covers of a sketchbook. It can be a place of fresh discovery where something new is hatched or it can serve as an archive. There is a sense of time in a sketchbook. It is a stand in for a calendar with the whiff of […]

Summer 2017 MAJ

From the Editors: Narratives: Public and Private WELCOME! UMVA members and invited artists responded to our request below for our Summer 2017 Maine Arts Journal theme on narrative: Grace Metzler     by Emilie Stark-Menneg With every brushstroke Grace Metzler investigates how humans behave, congregate, love and chill together. Daniel Minter Boxes, vessels, holes, jars, and bottles […]

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Welcome! The Maine Arts Journal: UMVA Quarterly is an ever-changing expression of the Maine arts community as compiled through the lens of the MAJ editorial board and with the support of the Union of Maine Visual Artists. Our web presence was launched in April, 2017 to help meet the desire of our members, subscribers and […]

Spring 2017: Light in the Dark

Welcome to the new online edition of the Maine Arts Journal: The UMVA Quarterly Light in the Dark: Art as a Sane Voice in an Insane World From the Editors Light in the Dark: Art as a Sane Voice in an Insane World What are your symptoms: sleeplessness, anxiety, panic attacks, vague sense of fear, […]