UMVA Portland Chapter – Minutes

S.Smith, BotanyofSacrifice

November UMVA Portland Minutes
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(Annotated version for the Journal)—11/20/17

Janice made a UMVA website report. She discussed the challenge with having a gatekeeper structure and the difficulty keeping something current and accurate with that system. She discussed that there were multiple sites for UMVA and the Maine Arts Journal and the newsletter, etc and that it was very confusing to try to track down who does what. Matt Stacey is still the gatekeeper for the main site and Cathy Weinberg is doing the journal site and facebook updates. The group discussed other options for a new page, or something that would be easier to access month to month. It was agreed this is becoming one of the most important next steps for our chapter to increase exposure, information and memberships. (see note at bottom).

Current CTN Open Hours   (Gallery is always open during these times)

Monday—12pm – 5pm
Tuesday—10am – 5pm
Wednesday—12pm – 5pm
Thursday—10am – 5pm

Remodel Update
Leslie reported that the donated carpet for the back room is here, but they are just waiting for laborers to install. There are also plans to repaint the front of the building and get new signage up with the change of CTN to the new name. The UMVA banner was praised as looking really good from the street and even had passersby taking photos of it.

It was discussed that at the December meeting we will do an overview of 2017 and also a visioning discussion for our hopes and dreams for UMVA in 2018 and beyond.

Update: William uploaded all Curator & Press Documents here:


We have a full UMVA Gallery planned for 2018!!!

umvaportland chapter,schedule for shows

Jan– Gregg Harper/ Mixed Media
Feb– Susan Smith/ sculpture- mixed media
March– Berrang/ Witte
April – Migration Experience/ UMVA Journal/ John Ripton
May– Mark Barnette/ photography
June–  Art & Abstract Truth/ Jim Kelly
July– UMVA Open Show  (needs curator)
Aug– Matt Demers /painting
Sept–  The Eclectic Vision/ Addison Woolley
Oct– The Chair Considered / Janice Moore
Nov–  UMVA Open Show  (needs curator)
Dec– Holiday Sale

Janice reminds the group that the show she is curating in October is for Chair-themed artwork and she wanted UMVA members to consider making chair-themed work to prepare for that show.

Who does what:
—All inquiries and listings should still be sent to: <>
—There is is still a gatekeeper/tech head for the UMVA main site. He updates members’ images, and will help with tech problems on the site, but no longer formats listings for this site.
 —There is a person currently formatting and uploading listings for the Maine Arts Journal— the current location of the online News/Events and UMVA Newsletter, the former UMVA Blog page.

S.Smith, Bundles


UMVA Portland Meeting Notes
December 2017

—Report Back by John R: Holiday Sale
—Idea presented: to create a calendar for UMVA events for print and online.
—Email from Janice was read regarding the website update and trying to make progress on having a UMVA portland site that we can manage.
—Gregg H handed out bookmarks for his show in January . He reported all the place he has put the show info and the newspapers that were running info about the show. He met with Bob Keyes/ good media timing. Gregg will be sitting for the show every Friday through Sunday for the entire month of the show.
— John R reported on the April show. Focus on immigrants. 12 artists currently in the works. Performances etc/ Building community. Titi DeBaccarrat/ Kifa Abdullah are involved in organizing the show with John. The show info will be in 5 languages and will display mixed media pieces also.
—Jess M discussed our mailing list and how to maximize our membership. Jess asked some questions about our press materials and the process we are using to market shows. A discussion followed about best practices.
—Gregg reported on the curator file for each curator. Jackie’s e-mail should be added for contact for all curators to be able to access the membership lists and mailing lists.

—Holiday Show 2018/ Next Year: Idea for a “50 for $50 idea.” Each artist makes a small piece for the show and could submit addition works. Have a donation aspect of the show to raise money for a cause.  Jess proposed having a holiday show with 3 rooms each with a different price point.
—Can we increase sales in the gallery?  Discussion -Make it attractive to come to the openings/-Bartending help for the opening.  Gallery Hours / consistent

UMVA Visioning for 2018 and beyond:
-website  (
-classes from members to share their skills/ raise money/ make money
-each member should tell people and try to help grow the umva membership this year
-UMVA marketing materials
-Another Draw-A-Thon?  Political activist art. ARRT. Bring our war dollars home.
-Kids events classes. Provide to the community
-Model drawing classes?
-Set gallery intentions – How do decide how we want to give out shows/ 1 person? 2 person shows? member shows? Which is the priority?
-What is the purpose of the gallery?  Can we bring in outside artists and curators? Bring in out of state shows?
-William invited the UMVA members to Hidden Ladder Art Nights that happen each Sunday night to collaborate with artists in the city. Contact him if interested.
-Funding: maybe be able to award artists grants down the road.

Thanks for a great 2017 and we discussed highlights from the last year.


UMVA-LA Chapter Report

Harvest Masquerade Costume Ball. UMVA-Lewiston Auburn.

UMVA-LA has had a great fall season, full of events that create wonderful memories for all. 


Our Harvest Masquerade Ball fundraiser was a great success!  Our event grew by 50+ attendees who all had an amazing evening . We look forward to next year  .  Our winners were Penny Wise and Louie, Scary dead mother, and Bob Ross.

Harvest Masquerade Costume Ball. UMVA-Lewiston Auburn.

UMVA-LA member, Sheri Withers, worked with three Environmental Studies students from Bates College on a semester-long project called “Mapping Downtown Art”, for their junior and senior capstone class.  They have been working closely with her to create a database and map for public art displays in Lewiston and Auburn. The goal of this project is to make information about public art more accessible to community members and visitors in the community, to create a way for people to find and contact both artists and galleries in the community, and to write a report that discusses the value of public art in communities and how it can create a positive culture and promote positive change.  Website address is

UMVA-LA is currently working on our third “For The Love Of Art” tour.  We use this event as an experience to awaken all the senses around Valentine’s Day.  We create a multi-gallery/studio exhibit for folks to add to their romantic evening out.  This involves edible art, scented art, visual art, touchable art, massage and or Reiki therapists and much more! 

For the love of art 2017. UMVA-LA.

This year we will be partnering with L/A Arts and local musician Elijah True to also create an after party that has live Maine-based musicians to add to the experience.


We at UMVA-LA look forward to mapping out our goals and events for the new year in this coming month.  Opportunities for growth are looking positive and we have high hopes for the upcoming year! 

Photo Credit Gary Stallsworth

UMVA Portland Exhibit—Migration Experience April 2018

Ebenezer Akakpo is a jeweler and fine metalworker, originally from Ghana, now resides in South Portland. He incorporates indigenous designs and symbols into his work.

UMVA Gallery at CTN (Portland Media Center)

In April the Union of Maine Visual Artists Portland Chapter will open its Gallery to the creative voices of more than a dozen immigrant artists living in greater Portland.

These artists have collaborated with curators Kifah Abdulla (poet and painter from Iraq), Titi De Baccarat (sculptor and painter from Gabon) and John Ripton (photographer, writer and historian) to create work that reflects the essence of their experience as immigrants to Maine.

Each invited artist – painter, sculptor, photographer, poet and performance artist – will express a moment in their migration experience that fundamentally changed their lives. Their work will be exhibited in the UMVA Gallery at CTN throughout the month of April.

Titi de Baccarat, Black, White and Yellow painting, with shoe

Greater Portland is home to thousands of immigrants whose life stories demonstrate the will to overcome lack of opportunity and education, political repression and violence and poverty.  Some immigrants are fortunate to have escaped such violations of human rights and their work will be represented in the exhibit. The artists’ collective stories, whether here with documents or without, is the continuing story of the United States.

As with earlier immigrants, the newer immigrants are building their lives here and revitalizing Portland, its economy and its culture. The artists will share their desires and dreams as well as their reflections on how they arrived in Maine and the challenges they continue to face. The exhibition of their work will speak directly to the world in which we live.

Kifah Abdulla. Peace

The artists and curators conceive this exhibit as a timely and essential project. In a time when differences among peoples are being exploited at the highest levels of government, this creative project strives to cross the borders and walls separating people.

The artists and curators intend, to emphasize our common humanity. In this effort they plan to reach out to Portland area schools, colleges and universities to offer the exhibit for display, to allow teachers the opportunity to bring the art and stories into their classes.

The Opening of the exhibit will be on First Friday’s Art Walk on April 6th (5-8 p.m.) at the UMVA Gallery at 516 Congress Street in Portland. It will feature poets, dancers, drummers and other performance artists. It promises to be a celebration of Greater Portland’s immigrant communities, an exciting opportunity to reaffirm the enduring struggle to share this world and this city with each other.
The public is enthusiastically welcome.

UMVA Lewiston/Auburn Chapter Report

above: Julia Muzyka Public Art, Gary Stallsworth photo

UMVA-LA has had a great summer filled with so much creativity blossoming all around us!  Our Inaugural Art exhibit “Then and Now” was hosted by Kimball Street Studio, showcasing both early and recent work by the artists.

Then and Now exhibit, Gary Stallsworth photo

The exhibit opened at July’s Art Walk and closed with our August meeting where we held a Pecha-Kucha formatted artist talk with all the exhibiting artists.  It was inspiring hearing the journeys of so many wonderful artists. Stay updated by following us on FaceBook

We had an artist talk by Grayling Cunningham, owner of The Studio (shared artist space in Lewiston), co-founder of Art Walk L-A, chair of the UMVA-LA Chapter, advisory board president of Outright L-A, and wearer of many hats in the community. We also had the honor of hearing Jody Dube ceramicist and educator at Lewiston High School and all around amazing and inspiring person! Jody shared his journey, his work in schools as well as being a long time member of the Maine arts community.

Jody Artist Talk, Gary Stallsworth photo

We have installed more public art, including one crosswalk that is about to be installed, more fire hydrants, murals, and have much more planned!  The Hive Artist co-op also hosted a public art talk to help inspire folks to get involved and also let them know what opportunities are available.

Art Walk Lewiston Auburn season is in full swing and is being extended until December.  AWLA is held on the third Friday of the month from 5-8pm.  We will be creating more of a shop local, shop small artisan and crafter culture through the November and December Art Walks.  FMI

Sunday Indie Market is held the third Sunday of every month from 12-4 at Dufresne Plaza located on Lisbon Street in Lewiston.  UMVA-LA is collaborating with the Downtown Lewiston Arts District to create a monthly event with local art, artisans, vintage wares, live music, a beer and wine garden, and food trucks.  FMI

Harvest Masquerade Ball 2016, Gary Stallsworth photo

The UMVA Lewiston Auburn and Downtown Lewiston Art District would like to invite you to join us for our second annual Harvest Masquerade costume ball Saturday Oct 28th 8pm -12am at the Agora Grand Event Center 228 Bates St Lewiston. This is a fundraiser for our UMVA-LA chapter, for our continued work with public art projects, and for our work with the local arts community.

Celebrate the season with a night of dancing, to our fabulous DJ from last year’s event and our amazing live music The Youngerbloods!!!! Halloween-inspired art, tours of the crypt, costume contests and a silent horror film on the giant projection screen.

Tickets can be purchased at

We would really love for folks to get in the spirit and have Costume Ball Attire. Couples who dress together in Ball Attire will be entered to be named King and Queen (or King and King or Queen and Queen) Prizes will also be awarded for our Dungeon Master (Scary Costume) and Jester (Funny Costume) of the Ball!

FMI  Invite your friends!

Submitted by: Grayling Cunningham  He, His, Him

Union of Maine Visual Artists Lewiston Auburn

Portland UMVA Chapter Report


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Slide show of openings at UMVA/CTN Gallery 516 Congress St, Portland

UMVA/CTN Gallery exhibit poster, “Grit Grime and Grace”


2017 Gallery Schedule for UMVA’s CTN Gallery, 516 Congress St., Portland:

June: “Grit, Grime and Grace” Photography show curated by Dave Wade


Bud Swenson, “Barbed Wire Sphere”, 2017

UMVA Members’ Summer Show curated by Mark Barnette, Bob Riemann, Anne Strout and John Ripton at the UMVA Gallery. The Opening of the exhibit is July 7th (5-8 p.m.) during Portland’s First Friday ArtWalk. The show will run through July 27th.

Artists and curators are welcome to propose individual and collective art shows. Contact for an application.

Regular gallery hours are Monday and Wednesday 10am-5pm, Tuesday and Thursday 12-5pm, and by appointment. For an appointment, contact

August: Bridget McAlonan Solo painting show

Sept: Addison Wooley Group

Oct:  Maine Arts Journal: UMVA Quarterly Theme Show: REGIONALISM; MAINE ART and ARTIST  click for submission guidelines

Nov: Group Member Show

Dec: Holiday Sale

UMVA L/A Chapter Report

eARTh  Day L/A April 22 was a little rainy but truly wonderful and inspiring.  It included a downtown clean-up, public art and studio tours, live music, art making, an art drop (where art was left all over the community for folks to find and take home to enjoy), and many amazing volunteers who tirelessly cleaned up and beautified the city  Our event spread into Sunday when sidewalk murals and fire hydrants were painted. We also inspired 3 other city wide clean-ups in local parks, waterfront, and Mill #5.

2nd Annual Harvest Masquerade Ball   On Saturday October 28th Join UMVA-LA, the Downtown Lewiston Arts District, and the Agora Centerfor an amazing Masquerade Ball. This fundraiser for UMVA-LA has dancing,art, tours of the crypt, a costume contest, and silent horror movies on the big screen



Art Walk Lewiston Auburn  is on the third Friday of each month, May-December, from 5-8pm.  Many of our UMVA-LA members have studios and galleries along the route.

Then And Now”  UMVA-LA First Juried Exhibit!  Kimball Street Studio is hosting and collaborating with UMVA-LA members in our first juried exhibit.   “Then And Now” will showcase 2 works of art from each artist, one from their youth and one recent work.  The exhibit will openfor  the July 21st art walk with a reception on August 2nd for our scheduled monthly meeting.  The reception will start at 6 with mingling & light hors d’oeuvres, Artist talks with artists showing works will begin at 6:30pm. Kimball Street Studios is located at 191 Lisbon Street Lewiston.  Submissions deadline is July 7th, acceptance confirmation July 10th, works collected by July 14th.All submissions will be considered, including sculpture & other 2D works.  For submissions email

 Public Art   UMVA-LA has obtained 5 new crosswalks to add to our creative crosswalks project, 3 new fire hydrants, and 5 new sidewalk mural spaces!  Members of UMVA-LA  have also been working on murals throughout downtown adding vibrancy & color to our beautiful city.  We hope to continue this trend as our community loves it!

Stay up to date with UMVA-LA events and happenings by following us on Facebook!

Spring 2017: UMVA Updates, L/A Chapter Report

Union of Maine Visual Artists Lewiston/Auburn Chapter Report

UMVA-LA Chapter had a wonderful event this past February 18th.  “For the Love of Art” had something to awaken all the senses. We had 5 studios/galleries participate with 5 themes: Kimball Street Studios (Remember),  The Hive Artist Co-op  (Sweetness), L/A Arts  (Love L/A), Wicked Illustrations Studio and Gallery (Petals), and The Studio (Pleasure).  Each space had a Reiki or massage therapist, edible art, visual art, touchable art, floral arrangements and so much more!  Photos are by Gary Stallsworth

Our next event is on April 22,.It’s an Earth Day Downtown clean up with public art installations including painted hydrants, more creative crosswalks, murals, guided tours of historic downtown Lewiston and our arts district, a Trashion Show involving local breweries, Androscoggin Fallen Angels Roller Derby Girls, and much more!

Art Scoundrels:  Our group continues to meet monthly (generally every second Tuesday of the month at 5:30, though interested artists should reach out to confirm the date and location for that month). We’re beginning a series where each month a different member showcases representative samples of his / her work from the past through the present, and it’s up to the other artists to engage with the artist about his / her craft, methodology, working theory, etc. and to ultimately create an artwork in response to the experience of the spotlighted artist’s presentation. We look forward to seeing the collective body of work that develops from this series.

Union of Maine Visual Artists Lewiston Auburn